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SECO's History

Superior Equipment was founded by James Harry Spiros in 1962.

The idea came to Spiros while working for Bud’s Pump Service, his father-in-law’s company.   His vision set to be the best in both customer service and operating in the petroleum business.   His bride Patricia suggested the name ‘Superior Equipment’.

In the summer of 2012, Superior Equipment was acquired by Superior Acquisitions, LLC DBA Superior Equipment Company (SECO).   SECO augmented its growth and service platform by purchasing GreenLight solutions in 2012.  The acquisition of these two organizations insure that SECO sets a new standard as a premiere parts vendor, installer, & service contractor for Petroleum / Alternative Fuels, Imaging, HVAC Equipment, and Testing Services.

Today, we still strive to honor Mr. Spiros' vision, and be the best in both customer service and the petroleum (and related) businesses.


SECO's Mission

SECO’s objective is to provide our partners with the best customer service while building and maintaining their facilities in the commercial and industrial sectors.

SECO's Core Values

  • Family
  • Honesty
  • Communications