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Control Every Ounce

“Graco has developed an innovative approach to managing every drop of fluid in a shop, and we've enhanced the experience with our new authorization cards,” said Joshua Holmstadt, Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division Global Product Manager. “With the Pulse FC system, once a card is programmed with the correct fluid and amount, it can be handed to any technician to complete the dispense when needed, ensuring #accuracy.”

“#Fluid control is very important in a shop like this,” said Joe P., service manager at Main Motor in Anoka, MN. With an average vehicle taking about six quarts of oil, Main Motor is dispensing over 150,000 quarts of oil a year. “In the past, month after month we were seeing a $600 loss, an $800 loss… Fluid wasn’t getting billed out like it should. Now with the Pulse FC system, the parts department bills out how many quarts of oil they need. I don’t have a loss anymore.”

The Pulse FC system utilizes the new robust and ergonomically-enhanced SD Series™ preset meters with maximum flow of eight or 18 gpm. With a simple Pulse FC system starter kit, users can easily convert their SD preset meters to Pulse FC and gain additional control of their fluids. The Pulse FC system’s software allows for simple reporting, arming users with the analysis needed to make more informed decisions about scheduling, inventory, pricing and more. This provides transparency from the service bay to the back office, allowing decision makers to know what’s happening.

Pulse fluid management applications extend beyond the automobile industry. #Opportunities abound for other #industries including #mining, #fleet #services, #trucking, #heavy #construction, #oil and more. For more information or to contact a Graco distributor, visit


Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. It designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment to move, measure, control, dispense, and spray fluid and powder materials. A recognized leader in its specialties, Minneapolis-based Graco serves customers around the world in the manufacturing, processing, construction and maintenance industries. For additional information about @GracoInc., please visit us at or on Twitter @GracoInc.



OPW Introduces The "14" Nozzle For Cleaner Diesel & Gasoline Fueling Experiences

OPW, a @Dover company and a global leader in #fluid-handling# solutions, is proud to introduce the all-new 14 Series family of diesel- and gasoline-dispensing nozzles, engineered to deliver a cleaner fueling experience. The new OPW 14 Series family of nozzles feature patented diesel-capture spout technology for diesel nozzles and, for conventional gasoline fueling nozzles, free-draining, true dripless-spout technology.

OPW CARB-Certified 14E ECO Dripless Gasoline Nozzle

This 14E CARB ECO (Enhanced Conventional) self-service  nozzle is cULus-listed and features patented free-draining dripless-spout technology. The 14E is designed with an interlock to meet CARB requirements for dripless nozzles. This makes it the first CARB-approved conventional nozzle and the only true third-party-approved dripless conventional nozzle in the industry. The 14E dripless nozzle is also the most environmentally friendly conventional nozzle on the market. Other dripless nozzles simply capture fuel in the spout after fueling. This captured fuel is then allowed to evaporate and enter the air as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – or, more simply, air pollution. The 14E’s free-draining dripless spout ensures all fuel ends up in the vehicle and not on the ground or in the air. Click here to view the CARB Executive Order.

OPW 14C Diesel Capture Technology Nozzle

Safe, durable and easy to use, the 14C is cULus-listed for use with diesel fuels. Special features include a patented #Environmental #Drip #Guard and integral #Diesel #Capture Chamber. The diesel-capture chamber allows for a cleaner nozzle handle by retrieving any diesel fuel that is still in the spout after fueling has been completed.

“The 14 Series represents one of the most unique cleaner-fueling innovations introduced since the invention of the automatic shutoff nozzle,” added Kammerer. “This series is truly defining what’s next for the future of fueling.”