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Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Program


Refrigeration preventative maintenance contract

Let's prevent it rather than watching the problem eat your bottom line!

The majority of operational sub-par conditions that can plague your refrigeration system will result in your system working harder, which will likely hasten repairs and drive up electricity costs. An ignored problem can result in a costly breakdown when you can least afford it.

Worse yet, the consequences of an unchecked problem could be a complete system failure!

A failed health inspection!

Or worse a diner getting sick on food not properly refrigerated!

Doesn’t it make sense to make it a priority to completing HVAC & refrigeration preventative maintenance!

It is vital to have a reputable refrigeration service company, such as Superior Equipment Company perform your HVAC & Refrigeration preventative maintenance.  We guarantee you the comfort level that the maintenance work is being executed properly and that any potential problems are being detected and addressed. Also, it will allow you to devote your time to what you do best.

To learn more about how SECO’s preventative maintenance contract could benefit your business, contact Angie, Brenda or Michelle at 314.644.6000 or email us at