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We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend & celebrated our Independence Day & honored those that have fought for this country.


Last week, I asked Alex Poellinger, our intern from Washington University to provide me with insight to what he has learned in the past few months.


My first week was spent reading everything related to the #downstream #petroleum industry, which included parts catalogs, safety #handbooks and service #manuals. After just scratching the tip of the iceberg, I was sent along with each department of the company to explore what their role in the company. This allowed me to really see some of the things I read about being implemented from installing a 20,000-gallon double-walled tank to processing #payroll. These couple weeks riding along with various employees opened my eyes to how high-quality work is done in this industry.

Now that I have more experience with SECO, I have been given more responsibility through a few different projects given to me by the #President, Matt Gross. Last week I was invited to an extremely important meeting to discuss this idea called #Operation #Unicorn… Before entering the meeting, I was required to sign an #NDA. Not only did I hear a lot of great ideas, critical view points, I was actually part of the meeting as the group accepted my ideas, which may be designed into the project.

Overall, this #internship has been a tremendous learning experience so far and I look forward to what SECO has in store for me next.