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Kansas fleets and individual motorists driving diesel vehicles can now get up to $2,000 of their annual fuel bill paid, just by using biodiesel blends. The Kansas Soybean Commission is funding the rebates through a Biodiesel Outreach grant, managed by Central Kansas Clean Cities.

Biodiesel is an advanced biofuel made from vegetable oils and fats left over from food production. It can be used in any diesel engine, without modifications, in blends of up to 20 percent (B20).

Under the program, in a calendar year, fleets can receive a $1/gallon rebate for up to 2,000 gallons of any biodiesel blend above 10 percent. Individuals driving diesel trucks or cars can receive the same $1/gallon rebate, up to $200 for the year, for blends above 5 percent. The overall program is capped at $5,000 annually.

"Sometimes the biggest hurdle in adopting a new technology or product, like an alternative fuel, is just trying it for the first time," said Shawn Schmidt, program coordinator for Central Kansas Clean Cities. "An incentive of a dollar per gallon should be enough to convince some drivers and fleets to try biodiesel, and our hope is getting over that initial hurdle will keep them coming back."

"Biodiesel is an American-made fuel that reduces greenhouse gases, increases our energy security and supports our economy," said Dennis Gruenbacher of the Kansas Soybean Commission. "Our hope from this project is that more Kansans will recognize biodiesel blends as a superior American fuel."

Many public and private fleets use diesel buses, trucks, snow plows, off-road equipment and more. But there are also more diesel passenger vehicles available than ever before. Rising to the challenge of building cars with better fuel economy, many auto companies have turned to diesel technology as a highly fuel efficient and clean option. There are about 50 clean diesel car, truck and SUV models available at dealerships nationwide.

Biodiesel blends can be found at several fueling stations throughout the state, including Robson Oil in Abilene, Ks, Loves Travel Store in Dodge City and Ottawa, Ks. Fleets can usually obtain custom blends by working with their fuel supplier, or switching to a new fuel supplier.

Visit the National Biodiesel Board's Guide to Buying Biodiesel or DOE's Alternative Fuel Data Center to find locations. For complete rules and instructions on how to claim a rebate, visit