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#Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. of Waterloo has become one the leading consumers of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel at @Trillium @CNG Stations across the country. #Trillium #CNG is one of largest providers of commercial and consumer CNG fuel in the U.S operating over 150 facilities.

CNG fuel is an alternative fuel to standard gasoline and diesel fuels. CNG is made by compressing natural gas to less than 1 percent of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG is composed mainly of methane and is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

Currently, 92 percent of ASheehy Mail’s truck fleet operates on CNG fuel since the trucks were first implemented in 2013. Sheehy Mail uses a variety of CNG stations to fuel its trucks in the Trillium CNG fuel network.

One of the primary fueling stations for Sheehy Mail is located in Omaha, Neb. Sheehy Mail has purchased CNG from the Omaha Trillium station since Oct. 4, 2016. Sheehy Mail also visits stations located in Milwaukee and Green Bay.

“Sheehy’s overall experience using CNG has been positive,” John Sheehy, CEO of Sheehy Enterprises, said. “The vehicles perform very well, maintenance issues are not any more difficult than diesel trucks, driver acceptance has been great due to good power and quietness. Fueling CNG trucks is clean and simple,” he added. Due to the overwhelming success of CNG in Sheehy Mail’s fleet, Sheehy Mail and Trillium CNG have been able to create a very positive business relationship.

Trillium CNG is owned and operated by Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. Trillium CNG has been able to provide fuel for thousands of natural gas vehicles daily, and delivers more than 70 million gallons of CNG per year. Love’s and Trillium own more than 65 public-access CNG facilities.

With large companies like Love’s entering the CNG arena the future of CNG looks bright. “CNG is a natural progression from diesel, the engines run very similar, the infrastructure is getting to where gaps are few and far between,” Sheehy said.

Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. is a family owned and operated transportation company based in Waterloo. Since 1952, Sheehy Mail has been a premier mail contractor for the U.S Postal Service. Sheehy Mail is a pioneer in the use and implementation of alternative fuels making Sheehy an industry leader in use of alternative fuel to power commercial vehicles.

Trillium CNG is a premier provider of CNG fuel for both commercial and consumer use. Trillium CNG provides fuel for thousands of natural gas vehicles daily and delivers more than 70 million gallons of CNG per year. Combined, Love’s and Trillium own 65 public-access CNG facilities.

In 2013, Sheehy Mail began implementation of CNG fuel in its truck fleet. Sheehy Mail has been recognized nationally for its implementation of CNG fuel in its trucks.

Sheehy Mail is currently working on emission testing and the use of hydrogen to help attain even higher levels of clean operations.