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Petroleum Construction Craftsman



Superior Equipment Company is the premiere Oil & Energy solution provider for the Missouri & Illinois. SECO was started in 1962 and has been purchased by a group of investors in 2012. We have gone from focusing our energies on c-store, emergency generator, tank cleaning / inspections, fleet services, & HVAC to surpassing our competition with focuses on alternative energies (CNG, LNG, DEF, etc.), imaging & lighting (nationwide).

We are the Union’s 24/7 Oil & Energy turn-key contractor that is “Fueling Your Future”.



SECO provides maintenance, inspections, repairs, emergency response actions and construction services for petroleum facilities in the US.


Our construction craftsman are responsible for properly installing, maintaining and repairing petroleum systems and other facilities in order to provide compliance with code, criteria, and regulations. 


Petroleum system means an underground or aboveground storage tank, connected piping, ancillary equipment and appurtenances, and containment system, if any. 


The craftsman shall be required to maintain petroleum systems, equipment, and accessories to operate reliably and satisfactorily. Preventive maintenance tasks are defined as recurrent, periodic or scheduled work to preserve a facility by preventing its deterioration.  Minor and Emergency Repair services will also be required under this arrangement and defined as the restoration of a real property to such a condition that it may effectively be utilized for its designated purpose by overhaul, reprocessing or replacement of constituent parts or materials that have deteriorated by action or elements or usage and that have not been corrected through maintenance.  

Other repair may be ordered by the installations for non-petroleum systems such as for separators, piping, tanks, etc.


Minimum Qualifications:

·         Four years (4) of experience in the maintenance of fuel distribution systems.

·         2 years of experience with both OPW & Franklin Fueling equipment.

·         Shall be capable of detecting and correcting system component malfunctions, misalignments, leaks, and other adjustment issues and performing scheduled and unscheduled fuel system maintenance.

·         Shall be capable of removing, repairing and replacing major system components, have a basic knowledge of automatic tank components and gauging systems, high/low level alarms, cathodic protection, and oily water waste systems.

·         Shall have a basic understanding of written description and instructions pertaining to facility operations, shall be able to implement cyclic maintenance programs and safety programs relating to all aspects of facility operation.

·         Shall have demonstrated expertise in spill cleanup procedures, prevention and control measures, related equipment operation and maintenance.

·         Should have practical experience in basic design and layout of petroleum facilities, component makeup, characteristics of fuel storage and distribution systems, and the ability to read and understand base blueprints, and system specifications.